Stella Strzyzowska Guillen was home born and raised in Miami, Florida. Stella’s last name at birth was Strzyzowska, as her father was from Rzesow, Poland. She then acquired the last name Guillen from the father who raised her whom is from Havana, Cuba. Her mothers family is from Roanoke Virginia, however her mother is a Miami native as well. Growing up in Miami’s diverse culture in combination with the different cultures within her own family created a yearning early on to create her own culture- through art. 


By the fourth grade the great realization that she was a destined painter hit, and she desperately needed her first acrylic set. The art journey began. Later on Stella attended Florida State University, where she met her mentor, artist, Carrie Ann Baade and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts. Carrie Ann specializes in techniques and materials in oil painting and egg tempera and introduced to her the Mische Technique. Simultaneously Carrie Ann also introduced her to a dear friend, Amanda Sage, who directly was passed down the mische technique from the master Ernst Fuchs. 


Together amongst other artists Carrie Ann Baade created a group called the, “Art Nunz.” A group dedicated to their art making and who pray for humanity’s creativity. The “Art Nunz” threw a gallery show called Divinity as Culture and performed a series of weddings where each nun said vows and got married to their art. This created a great shift in Stella’s work, which became purposeful and sparked magic. 


In 2015 Stella met Ray Orraca, founder of Moksha Family Arts Collective and showed in their art fair, “Entheosis” during Miami’s Art Basel. At that event she met art heros, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, and Chris Dyer. This event cultivated a new network and work opportunities with Moksha Family and the Miami community. She continues to still work with Moksha Family Arts Collective currently on various shows, and live painting events.


In 2016 Stella attended Amanda Sage’s Painting with Light Masters Workshop at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, in Wappingers Falls, New York. This workshop further developed the technique she had been building on. Following that workshop she returned to Cosm to paint at different events. In 2018 she attended the Master Workshop with Alex and Allyson Grey where they dove into the spiritual practice of art and manifestation. Learning from all the master teachers in her art life has been extraordinarily impacting and nourishing. 


Stella currently resides in Miami, Florida where she creates from her home studio. 

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